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A discussion of men's fashion during the 1930s would be incomplete without recognizing the gangster influence. Gangsters, while despised as thieves, paradoxically projected an image of businessmen because of the suits they wore. However, they didn't choose typical business colors and styles, but took every detail to the extreme. Their suits featured wider stripes, bolder glen plaids, more colorful ties, pronounced shoulders, narrower waists, and wider trouser bottoms. They topped their extreme look with fedora hats or gangster fedoras, in a wide variety of colors: almond green, dove, lilac, petrol blue, brown and dark gray. High fashion New York designers were mortified by demands to imitate the gangster style, but obliged by creating the Broadway suit, topped with a felt fedora.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


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Style: HB-001 Traveling Hat Box

Style: HB-001 Traveling Hat Box


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